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We chat about projection mapping on old Japanese buildings, what NFTs mean for digital creators, and how media art can transform brand experiences with Senior Creative Developer & Media Artist Floz

Florian Zumbrunn (aka Floz) is a French media artist, creative developer, and creative technologist, designer, and Y+L Projects collaborator. He’s currently back in France, but before his return to his home country, he worked and lived in Tokyo for several years,

We were lucky enough to work with Floz and…

Company beginnings, collaborations and cross-cultural exchanges

Interviewer: Yoshiko Tezuka

Interviewee profiles

Yoichiro Tamada
Co-founder, CEO, Creative director & producer
Yoichiro has worked for several global agencies in digital branding, marketing, production, and communications strategy for various domestic and international clients. In 2019, he was part of the team that won the “Best…

Y+L Projects

We are a boutique creative agency based in Tokyo.

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