Introducing Y+L Invites

Networking night, cozy party, talk event? We’ll figure that out later, but we hope you can come!

Today we’re launching Y+L Invites, a semi-regular, open-to-everyone-invite event that sits somewhere between a curated supper-club-style social gathering/ networking night with a guest speaker taking the reins and sharing their insights.

The reason for Y+L Invites

One of the key missions since starting Y+L Projects has been to work as a bridge between Japanese and international communities and cultures, and while Y+L has been doing that in the business sense, we wanted to take a more inclusive, creativity-focused, and community-oriented approach to achieving this mission. The creation of Y+L Invites feels like the next natural step.

We hope to cultivate an inclusive, intimate space where Japanese and non-Japanese folk can mingle, learn about new and different ways to navigate creative industries, cultures, and businesses in Japan, and hopefully make genuine, meaningful connections that inspire.

The first event

Australian-born, long-term Tokyo resident Vaughan will helm the first edition. A passionate music promoter, writer, presenter, coffee personality, and the co-founder of cafe Mia Mia and gallery space I Am Tokyo, Vaughan is a natural community builder and felt like the most natural fit for this inaugural event. He’ll share his experience connecting people and culture through the power of coffee in an evening filled with stories about building supportive and loving networks.

The details

We’re keeping the nights small and cozy with an exclusive 15–20 people guest list; it’s totally free, everything will be bilingual (English + Japanese), and interested guests can sign up via the Google Form.

If numbers exceed 15–20 people, we’ll run it like a lottery system with balance checks (and diversity) in mind. Applicants will receive an email with all the details by Tuesday 14th November.

A big thank you to the team at JAU in Tomigaya for hosting the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

To join, apply here — for questions, press, requests related to this event, contact with “event” in the subject line.

The quick run down

Topic: How to build and foster authentic communities” with Vaughan
Date: Thursday, Nov 17th
Time: 7:30pm — 10:00pm
Location: JAU Store, 2–12–18 Tomigaya 1F, Shibuya



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