What is ‘media art,’ and how is it changing our relationship with creativity?

We chat about projection mapping on old Japanese buildings, what NFTs mean for digital creators, and how media art can transform brand experiences with Senior Creative Developer & Media Artist Floz

Floz (photo credit: Pauline Goyard)
Floz piece ‘KOI’ for sequence, Kyoto
Floz (left), and Marty Hicks (middle) at Y+L Project’s birthday party
Floz piece ‘Scenes of Kyoto’ for sequence, Kyoto
  • Tsuki8, a projection mapping project that I did under Makio&Floz with my friend David Ronai, and Mathis Biabiany. We traveled through Japan to multiple cities, and we were looking for buildings to project on. From then we were creating the assets for the projections after finding some inspiration from our visits.
  • Symbiose, an installation that we did (again) with my friend David Ronai under Makio&Floz. It was divided into two parts, and both parts were inviting visitors to be part of the art installation.
MV by Daito Manabe director and founder of Rhizomatiks
Still from MiakoAndFloz’s ‘Symbiose’ installation
Floz piece ‘Flowing Seikaiha’ for sequence



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