Wrap-up: Y+L Invites #4 and #5 Briefly Screening + Talk

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3 min readJun 19, 2023

On April 20th and May 30th, we hosted a screening of Briefly, a documentary film by Bassett & Partners, exploring and discussing the concept, challenges, and interpretation of the creative “brief”.

Both sessions, held at Fabric, Nakameguro, were co-hosted by MC and long-time Y+L collaborator Midori Nakajima, and welcomed a special guest and a bunch of friendly faces — fellow creatives, agency folk, and professionals from different industries and backgrounds — to learn about and discuss creative briefs.

Flyer designed by Michael Towers, Art direction by David Robert


A key takeaway that we gathered from Briefly and our talk sessions is that the brief can be interpreted, developed, iterated, and optimized in different ways — often it depends on the context of the client, the clarity of their needs, the type of project, and the team involved.

Briefly with Japanese Subtitles

With permission from Bassett and Partners, our version with Japanese subtitles is now up on Youtube for everyone to see.

Briefly film by Bassett & Partners. Subtitles by Midori Nakajima. Subtitle Editor Theophilus Sng.

Briefly 1.0–April 20th 2023

Natsuko examined the communication in a web design project brief and shared how a simple, somewhat ambiguous brief can be better than an overly detailed one, leading to more design possibilities.

Photo credits: Theophilus Sng @theotheostudio

Briefly 2.0–May 30th 2023

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  • Guest speaker: Kentaro Kanayama, Strategic Planner and Director at B&H

Kentaro shared with us some thought-provoking ways of approaching a branding project brief, including the shizen-bi Truth, Goodness and Beauty model, and Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes.

Photo credits: Alex Abian @alex_abn

Y+L’s Yoichiro reflected on his own pathway and how taking the marketing brief and reforming it into a creative one changed his career trajectory. Across creative projects, Y+L continues to develop briefs by building close relationships with our clients and partners.

Photo credits: Theophilus Sng @theotheostudio

Thank you to everyone who made it, showed interest, got involved, and spread the word about Briefly screening + talk. Special thanks to Steph, Eileen, Eri and Fabric team for having us at Fabric.

We get such a warm fuzzy feeling getting to connect with you all. Y+L Invites #6 is in the making as we speak, so we hope to see you soon!

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