Wrap up: Y+L Invites #2 Painting with Code

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4 min readJan 23, 2023


All photo credits : Emma Araki, Tomoka Toda

Y+L Invites #2 with Floz — Thank you!

Another fruitful night of Y+L Invites with Floz; a huge thanks to everyone who came along!

We want to thank Sonny and the JAU crew for opening up the wonderful venue for this event; we could not have achieved the cozy learning atmosphere without you. Let’s give a big shout-out to the star of the night, Floz, who guided us through the beautiful world of generative art.

The Reflection

Y+L Invites aims to connect people from different fields through inspiring stories. Floz walked us through the depth of media art: How it is created, by who, and with what messages they put out for the world.

Floz shared his authentic life story with us by expressing his own experience of burnout to what gets him going in the world of generative art. It was fascinating to learn and see how he interacts with the physical and digital world to put his inspiration into creation.

After the talk, we had a Q&A session with Floz where we all gained so much from their diverse perspectives and curiosity, thank you! For those who missed the opportunity to join, we have our live talk archived on our Instagram page; feel free to visit there and feel the atmosphere.

Our team felt fulfilled and motivated seeing you connect. Y+L Invites #3 is in the making as we speak, and we would love to see more of you there! Stay tuned and we hope to see you soon.

Join us for a night with French media artist, creative developer, and creative technologist, and designer, Floz

Floz, image credit: @dfritzgoepp

We’re back with edition #2 of Y+L Invites! For those uninitiated, it’s our new informal, ‘non-network-y networking’ and learning nights, where we invite one of our talented friends from our circle of creatives to curate an evening of storytelling and knowledge sharing.

The first edition was held late last year with Vaughan of Mia Mia fame. You can read all about it here.

This time, we’re lucky enough to be joined by Florian Zumbrunn (aka Floz), a French media artist, creative developer, and creative technologist, and designer. An ex-Tokyo-resident, Floz will be back in town this month and will be running a talk called “Painting with Code: A journey through generative art.”

The talk is open to anyone interested in learning more about digital art and will cover the following topics.

  • What is “Generative Art”?
  • Floz’s career, passion and inspiration
  • Origins / history of generative art
  • Pioneers of generative art
  • How to create generative art
  • Why is generative art interesting?
  • Generative art in Japan
  • Q&A

To learn more about Floz and to see his work — including work with Y+L Projects — check out this interview we did with him back in 2021.

Floz’s KOI for sequence Kyoto (Y+L Projects collaboration). Reference
Floz’s KOI for sequence Kyoto (Y+L Projects collaboration). Reference

The details

We’re keeping the nights small and cozy with an exclusive 15–20 people guest list; it’s totally free, and interested guests can sign up via the Google Form.

If numbers exceed 15–20 people, we’ll run it like a lottery system with balance checks (and diversity) in mind. Applicants will receive an email with all the details by Thursday 2nd February .

A big thank you to the team at JAU in Tomigaya for hosting the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

To join, apply herefor questions, press, requests related to this event, contact hello@ylprojects.com with “event” in the subject line.

The quick run down

Topic: Painting with Codes: What is Generative Art and how does it connect digital and physical world?

Date: Wednesday, Feb 8th
Time: 7:30pm — 10:00pm
Location: JAU Store, 2–12–18 Tomigaya 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo
Speaker: Florian Zumbrunn

The reason for Y+L Invites

“One of the key missions since starting Y+L Projects has been to work as a bridge between Japanese and international communities and cultures, and while Y+L has been doing that in the business sense, we wanted to take a more inclusive, creativity-focused, and community-oriented approach to achieving this mission. The creation of Y+L Invites feels like the next natural step.

We hope to cultivate an inclusive, intimate space where Japanese and non-Japanese folk can mingle, learn about new and different ways to navigate creative industries, cultures, and businesses in Japan, and hopefully make genuine, meaningful connections that inspire.”