Y+L Invites #3 Introduction to Sound Studies

Join us for a night with Australian pianist, composer, and sound designer, Marty Hicks.

Marty Hicks, image credit @kmarcelo

We’re back with edition #3 of Y+L Invites! For those uninitiated, it’s our new informal, ‘non-network-y networking’ and learning nights, where we invite one of our talented friends from our circle of creatives to create an evening of storytelling and knowledge sharing.

The first and second edition featured Vaughan from Mia Mia and a French media artist Floz. You can read all about it here: Y+L Invites #1 & #2.

This time, we are delighted to be joined by Marty Hicks who is an Australian pianist, composer, sound designer and much-loved Y+L collaborator.

Marty will be walking us through the world of sound studies with his own experience of creating music to what inspires him daily.

The talk is open to anyone who is interested, and will be covering topics below.

  • Marty’s career, passion and inspiration
  • Marty’s philosophy of making music
  • Soundscapes & listening to our environment
  • Sound therapy
  • Sonic branding
  • Active listening of Marty’s music
  • Q&A

To learn more about Marty and his work– check out this interview we did with his back in 2021.

Marty Hicks, image credit @kmarcelo

The Details

We’re keeping the nights small and cozy with a 20 people guest list; it’s totally free, and interested guests can sign up via the Google Form.

If numbers exceed 20 people, we’ll run it like a lottery system with balance checks (and diversity) in mind. Applicants will receive an email with all the details by Friday, March 24th.

A big thank you to the team at Fabric for hosting the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

To join, apply here for questions, press, requests related to this event, contact hello@ylprojects.com with “event” in the subject line.

The quick run down

Topic: Introduction to Sound Studies: Perceptions of Sound
Date: Wednesday, March 29th
Time: 7:00pm — 9:30pm
Location: Fabric K.K., Nakame Gallery Street J4, 2–45–12 Kami-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153–0051

The reason for Y+L Invites
“One of the key missions since starting Y+L Projects has been to work as a bridge between Japanese and international communities and cultures, and while Y+L has been doing that in the business sense, we wanted to take a more inclusive, creativity-focused, and community-oriented approach to achieving this mission. The creation of Y+L Invites feels like the next natural step.

We hope to cultivate an inclusive, intimate space where Japanese and non-Japanese folk can mingle, learn about new and different ways to navigate creative industries, cultures, and businesses in Japan, and hopefully make genuine, meaningful connections that inspire.”



We are a boutique creative agency based in Tokyo.

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