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The purpose, process, and philosophy

CSS Design Awards “Website of the day”

We’re very excited to share the news that in April this year, our new website (designed in collaboration with Y+L art director and web designer Hiroki Shindo) won the CSS Design Awards ‘Website of the Day.’ We also scored top marks in all the categories, including UX, UI, and Innovation.

The final overall score was


Creative evolution, brand collaborations, and weekday sleep ins

Interviewer: Yoshiko Tezuka

Interviewee profiles

Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
A Japanese-Brazilian filmmaker based in Tokyo. Since his student days, he has been working as a freelance photographer and video creator.

Through his young but impressive career, he has worked for Olympus, Vanmoof, Renault Japon, J.P.Returns, Moncler, Asian Boss, Gridge, BIRKENSTOCK, HELLY HANSEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and many others as a videographer and director. He joined Y+L Projects as a production director and leads the video department.

DIN (Yuya Harada)
DIN was born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1995. Moved to Tokyo for college and studied design for…

Company beginnings, collaborations and cross-cultural exchanges

Interviewer: Yoshiko Tezuka

Yoichiro Tamada & Lucy Dayman

Interviewee profiles

Yoichiro Tamada
Co-founder, CEO, Creative director & producer
Yoichiro has worked for several global agencies in digital branding, marketing, production, and communications strategy for various domestic and international clients. In 2019, he was part of the team that won the “Best Use of Earned Media” award in the advertising, media, and PR category at The Webby Awards. He later co-founded Y+L Projects, an international creative communications agency.

Lucy Dayman
Co-founder, COO, copywriter, publicist
Lucy Dayman is an Australian-born journalist and copywriter with a background in PR and communications. She began her…

Y+L Projects

We are a boutique creative agency based in Tokyo.

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